Mantle Powered Game Engine ‘Nitrous’ Lets You Control 5,000 Units at a Time

Every RTS game restricts the number of controllable units in the battleground. This primarily happens due to limitations imposed either by game engine or hardware capabilities.

The number varies with different games but a new game engine called Nitrous has managed to get rid of this issue. Powered by AMD’s Mentle, Nitrous allows games to use over 5,000 AI at any given time.

Check out the Star Swarm gameplay demo above to see the capabilities of Nitrous in action and how the developers attained it. This is what the founder of Oxide Games; Dan Baker had to say about it:

“Take the most complex scene you’ve ever seen in StarCraft II and multiply it by 10.”

Currently, there are three in-development RTS games which are powered by Nitrous.

However, to play these games, you’ll not only need a strong GPU but also a powerful CPU. It’s been said that unlike other games, titles developed on Nitrous make use of all CPU cores; at least to attain playable frame-rates.

In addition to this, you must have an AMD GPU which supports Mantle to use improved visual effects like motion blur. Seeing what Mantle can do, it certainly looks like it’ll outrun DirectX in many scenarios. Experiments have revealed that keeping everything same, enabling Mantle can boost the frame-rates upto 400% i.e. from 13 FPS to 44 FPS.

In other news, Battlefield IV will see optimization from Mantle which will boost performance by 45%. With both Xbox One and Playstation 4 using AMD-based GPUs, we can expect big things coming from AMD in years to come.

Source: Engadget