Legendary Pokemon Zygarde Release Hints At Pokemon Z

We have picked up word on a new legendary ‘Zygarde in Pokemon X and Y. Japanese website 4Gamer reported today revealing details about Zygarde.

Now I am not a Japanese expert but from what I have gathered so far, Zygarde is a ground dragon type Pokemon. He belongs to the group of Pokemon that emerges when the Kalos ecosystem falls into disarray. It’s probably has the highest damage output at multiple enemies during combat.

Coming to the abilities of the Pokemon, Zygarde comes packed with Aura Break; an ability that is used to reverse the effects of auras like the characteristic properties of Zeruneasu “Fairy Aura”, Iberutaru of “dark aura”.

With the confirmation of Zygrade comes a hope for Pokemon Z which wouldn’t be unusual considering the historical release schedule followed by the Pokemon Company.

Nintendo is yet to make it official. What do you think? Will we see the next title in single generation Pokemon game?