GTA Online: Punishments to be Handed Down to Cheaters

All those who took advantage of an exploit in GTA Online to hand out massive in-game cash to everyone will not be escaping that easily. Rockstar Games announced today that it will soon start handing out punishments to all who were naughty enough to take advantage of “game-breaking” situations.

The bug, mentioned above, allowed players to generate and distribute large amounts of in-game cash. They pretty much were spreading it around to random people and imagine your surprise when someone claiming to be a GTA mod, sent you thousands of dollars for that new apartment building.

According to Rockstar, these cheats will be placed in an isolated pool with other cheats. The most severe cases will be handed both temporary and permanent bans.

This though does not include the ones who were handed the cash randomly. Non-participating parties will not be punished but the funds they received will be removed from their wallets during tomorrow’s maintenance period.

The developer also requested players to alert them via the in-game reporting feature of any one taking advantage of game-breaking exploits.

“We’re grateful for the community’s continued support in dealing with these issues and once again apologize to anyone that has had their Grand Theft Auto Online experience sullied by these exploits that broke the game’s natural flow,” reads the post. “Please stay tuned for lots more news about GTA Online in the weeks ahead.”

Source: Rockstar