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If EA Wants, Valve Would Allow Origin on Steam Machines

No fear. Valve’s upcoming Steam Machines were promised to be open for all and will deliver on that promise by also allowing its competition, EA’s Origin, to be installed on it if they so like.

In a recent Reddit thread (The Heart of Racing – New team competing in USCC), Newell was asked why Valve made “something so proprietary” with the Steam Machines.

In reply he responded: “What part is proprietary? We’re trying to make it as open as possible. If EA wants to put Origin on [SteamOS or Steam Machines], that would be fine.”

Newell later clarified that he took the Origin example as something people would think the Steam Machines would prohibit. On that note it’s highly unlikely for Valve to be working on a SteamOS-compatible version of Origin, unless EA would have asked for it.

Let’s not forget that with the advent of EA’s own online digital store, the company removed many of its games from Steam, forcing players to head to Origin instead for the latest titles.

Announced last year, the SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system that will allow Valve to bring PC gaming to your living-room televisions, as an alternative to home consoles. The Steam Machines on the other hand utilize this OS.

Newell is also currently trying to raise money for children’s cardiac care through The Heart of Racing charity that combines auto-sports with philanthropy. To get gamers interested, Newell has promised to answer more questions when the charity reaches $500,000 in donations.