Alienware Steam Machine Set to Release This September

Although no media was allowed at the event, several attendees have broadcasted the release month on Twitter, including Dave Oshry; director of marketing at Gunnar Optiks and CFO at Hot Blooded Games.

Bryan De Zayas, global marketing director at Dell’s Alienware said:

We are planning to be ready for the holiday season. September is our goal but that is still a long time away and things can change. Alienware has been gathering feedback from game partners and gamers for well over a year as we’ve been defining the Alienware Steam Machine. We welcome any and all feedback so that we can continue to improve what is the most important thing to gamers, the gaming experience.

Alienware Steam Machine was shown at CES 2014 for the first time, and while specification details are still scarce, it will have Intel technology and GPUs by Nvidia. It is designed to stack up nicely against the Xbox One and PS4; including the price.

We will continue on keep you updating on this matter as more details become available.