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12 New Currencies Planned for Steam

Valve Software hosted Dev Days conference in Seattle this week.

Reports are coming out of the conference indicating Valve’s plan to expand its range of accepted currencies on Steam to add 12 new currencies with both Australian and New Zealand dollars among the new additions.

A photo taken from  Dev Days presentation and tweeted by attending developer Armin Ibrisagic of Coffee Stain Studio, developers of Sanctum 2.

It is very difficult to speculate whether this will actually be a net positive for Australian Steam users, as although transacting in local currency should avoid conversion fees from local financial institutions, it will also fairly obscure regional price markups between the US and Australian prices offered on the service, which have traditionally been very easy to compare while both in US dollar amounts.

Steam recently passed 75 million steam users.

By removing this currency barrier there might be more success heading their way.