Valve Sending Out Steam In-House Streaming Service Beta Invites

Valve Corporation is spreading its wings in multiple directions since the past couple of months. There are multiple projects announced and one of them is an in-house streaming service. It was announced last night that Valve had sent out beta invites for the streaming service.

It has been announced that so far, the invites are being sent out to development partners only though general Steam members can expect to be invited somewhere down the line. Some of the general members even have the invites already.

“We’ve sent out invitations to development partners to try out the streaming beta. As we iterate we’ll add more and more people to the beta, so if you haven’t gotten your invite, stay tuned! For those who have gotten your invite, I’d love to hear how things are working for you!”

Initial impressions are coming in from various sources including Twitter and the community page of Valve itself. As expected, some of them are reporting issues and bugs – but that is what a beta is for right? Otherwise quite a few of the people have claimed that the service runs smoothly.

Here’s an example of a positive review that the service has received.

The Steam in-house streaming is a free service that lets Steam users use their Steam library on other devices. The service doesn’t support external streaming in case you were wondering.

Valve has been accepting registrations for the Steam in-house streaming beta since November last year and they are still open for sign ups. Go ahead if you are interested.