Ryo Hazuki Visits Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed Via DLC

Are you a Shenmue fan? How about you get the protagonist from the 1999 adventure in a Sonic game? Yes, Ryo Hazuki the lead character of Shenmue is paying a visit to Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed PC version in a DLC.

As it was teased in December 2013, the racing game’s latest playable character is Ryo Hazuki the 18 year old martial arts champion who also made an appearance in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing.

The DLC that brings the new character to the game has been released today and is available for purchase right now from Steam. The DLC has been priced at $1.59.

As far as other platforms are concerned, the recently released iOS and Android versions have Hazukias a playable character already. Sega has not confirmed whether consoles and handheld devices will get the same DLC or not.

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed is a sequel to Sonic and All Stars Racing that was initially released to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in November 2012. Right now the game is available on PS Vita, Windows, Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android apart from the initial platforms.

Head straight to the Steam website if you want to purchase the Ryo Hazuki DLC.