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PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall Gives Hangar And Cruiser Multiplayer Maps For Free

Guerrilla Games announced some new downloadable content (DLC) for the multiplayer component of Killzone: Shadow Fall on Playstation 4. Two new maps will come to the shooter and that free of charge for all users.

New content will draw inspiration from Killzone’s singleplayer campaign. Perhaps you’ll recognize them, if you’ve played it. You should play the campaign modes of your multiplayer titles.

In The Cruiser, you’ll blast your way through a decommissioned ISA vessel. It specializes in shorter ranges, since most of the map consists of confining hallways that link separated rooms together.

According to its screenshot, you may also want to watch your step or fall into oblivion. Multiple tiers can add quite some complexity to gameplay and Killzone’s multiplayer has shown that many times over.

As an alternative, you’ll be able to let the tactician in you shine by playing The Hangar map. It has a lot more open room to set up a long range position and pick off the opposition.

Be sure to also check your rear, as the alternative routes may have your opponent sneak through your lines. You wouldn’t want to be taken down while sniping; that’s just embarrassing.

Aside from this free DLC, Guerrilla is also working on an expansion for the game that will be available later.

Since Killzone: Shadow Fall works with a season pass for new content, it’s nice of them to launch some freebies to users too. Well, technically it’s free, since PS4 requires you to have a Playstation Plus subscription to access multiplayer content in the first place.