Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Available on Xbox Live

A playable demo version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is now available for download on the Xbox Live.

The demo version of the final chapter of the Lightning Saga will allow gamers to try out some of the game’s new mechanics before launch. The demo is only available for the Xbox Live Gold Members at the moment.

Players who did not like Final Fantasy XIII limited exploration. They will be pretty happy to know that in Lightning Returns, they will be able to enjoy more freedom than before.

Lightning Return’s battle system has also been changed, now featuring elements taken from action role-playing games. Lightning will also be able to switch costumes in battle in order to use different abilities during the fights.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America on February 11 and Europe on February 14.

The game also received a new trailer out of Square Enix, showing the pink-haired hero scrapping with 13-2 villain Caius Ballad. Watch it


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