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League of Legends 1v1/2v2 Map Magma Chamber Cancelled by Riot Games

We have a bad news for you if you were hoping to get the upcoming 1v1 and 2v2 map, Magma Chamber in League of Legends. Riot games has cancelled development of the map saying that the decision has been taken after certain feedback that suggests it was not as good an idea as they expected.

Originally Magma Chamber was supposed to arrive before the start of Season Four. This would have meant it would have been released one of these days along with season 4.

As it turns out, Riot believes that when they launched Showdown, the 1v1/2v2 match type that for the Howling Abyss, it was preferred by the pros and the testers over Magma Chamber. To worsen things for Magma Chamber, the total activity on Showdown decreased drastically to less than 1% of gameplay minutes in matter of days.

This and the fact that Magma Chamber map was being developed pretty much in a hurry that resulted in an extremely unoptimized experience, finally lead to the cancellation.

Mind you, all these reasons have come forward when Riot was trying to justify their decision. It might just have been that the developer has lost interest in the project.

Opposed to the interests of League of Legends players, Riot Games has not hinted towards any other plans to pursue the 1v1/2v2 maps in the game. Let’s hope they have something in store for the future.

Source: Riot Games