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inFamous: Second Son Gets More Jaw-Dropping Screenshots

Sucker Punch has today released three new screenshots for inFamous: Second Son, reminding us again of the impressive visuals the title is boasting for the PlayStation 4. Expect many more media to come out as we slowly head towards its release date.

Last year in October, the developer announced a $79.99 collector’s edition that features the full retail copy of the game along with a cover artwork exclusive to the Collector’s Edition, a replica of protagonist Delsin’s beanie, a set of 8 pins from Delsin’s in game vest, Delsin’s Legendary in game vest, a Department of Unified Protection Patch, vinyl decals and of course Cole’s Legacy DLC.

The Cole’s Legacy DLC acts as a bridge between the events of when Infamous 2 ends and the start of Infamous: Second Son and everyone who completes the story in it will be rewarded with Cole’s infamous jacket. You can also get it by pre-ordering the game.

inFamous: Second Son will release in two months on March 21, 2014 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.