Indie Concursion Shows Gameplay Of Five Genres Into One Game

Developer Puuba has released a gameplay trailer showing the world of its game called Concursion. It seeks to blend many game styles together into one fluid experience.

What’s special about this upcoming indie project is that it doesn’t just have multiple game elements; it seamlessly uses all of these in alternating games that switch in real time. In the clip, we see the cartoony visuals switch from a side-scrolling platform game to a space shooter in an instant.

How this works is that Concursion has several dedicated areas, each depicted with their own style. When players are in that area, the game effectively changes to that portion.

Aside from platforming and shooting, there’s also a Pac-Man arcade format and even a hint of a rhythm game. It’s looking to become quite ambitious.

This is the first release planned from developer Puuba. Its founder, Danny Garfield, stated:

Concursion is what happened when we couldn’t decide which game to make, and ended up making them all.

The music for the five different types of games in Concursion will be made by Christopher Hoag, who has been nominated for an Emmy for working on the House M.D. TV series.

Concursion will release for PC this year.