Guacamelee Bundle Fantastico Gets you all the Game Content for $19.99

Indeed 2013 was a good year for many of the gamers and developers alike, included in the latter would be Drinkbox Studios. The publisher cum developer of the Mexican culture and folklore based Guacamelee has decided to share the joy by announcing the Guacamelee Bundle Fantastico.

According to the developer, nearly all the content that has been released in the game will be combined in the Fantastico bundle along with the original game for PS3 and PS Vita. Oh and you also get the original soundtrack of the game.

Jim McGinley, producer at Drinkbox announced the bundle via a post on the US PlayStation Blog where he listed down the following contents:

  • Cross-Buy Game
  • El Diablo’s Domain DLC
  • Costume Pack DLC
  • Official Game Soundtrack (remastered)
  • All 3 Guacamelee themes
  • Our 10 favorite avatars

Among these, the Costume Pack DLC gets you three costumes that not only changes the way you look but the way you play the game. You get infinite stamina, or extra damaging punches and kicks or others.

Moving on, the official game soundtracks are a total of 30 remastered tracks along with four remixes that are not there in the original game – all this can be copied to your computer too.

THE Guacamelee Bundle Fantastico is available for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store North America. This is only $5 more than the price of the game if you buy it alone.