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Evolve: Meet the Planet Tamers “Markov”

Evolve was just announced at start of the by Developers Turtle Rock Studios.Evolve differs from many other traditional shooters, as each of its classes contain different characters. Today, in an interview with Game Informer gave information on the first assault class “Markov”.

One of the Heads at Turtle Rock Studios Phil Robb said on the class:

I like to think of them as planet tamers.

The game starts with people living on Shear for several generations. Turtle Rock is purposefully keeping information to themselves about specifics, but it’s been between 50-80 years since they arrived.

The monsters, including the Goliath, are new to the landscape, and even the hunters are incapable of fending them off. The weapons and tools that would easily incapacitate if not outright kill lesser creatures do very little against these new big threats.

The game will feature five players face off in four versus one match on large maps, four of the players’ band together as hunters, while the remaining player will play as the monster.

The hunters are grouped into four distinct classes, assault, trapper, support, and medic, but the game has an additional wrinkle: There are unique individuals within each of those classes.

When you decide to play as an assault class, for example, you can also select a specific character in that role, which will have their own specific load out.

All of the characters will be equipped with vast array of weapons and gear. One piece of load out will be shared with all characters in that class, rest of the load out however will be specific to each character.

We will have more information on this Sci-fi multiplayer focused shooter in the weeks to come.