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Dust 514: EU PS Plus Members Being Offered the W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ Pack for Free

The W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ pack is being offered for free for a limited time to Dust 514 players with a European PlayStation Plus subscription.

The W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ pack, which usually costs £15.99, contains dropsuits, vehicles, and skill boosters. The deal will run until January 28 so make sure you take advantage of this deal if you’re a EU PS Plus subscriber.

The official description highlights the contents of the pack, mentioning “over 400 fully-equipped, battle-ready dropsuits and vehicles for the perfect offensive or counterstrike!”

W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ contents:

  • 45 x ‘FoxFour’ Assault G-I
  • 45 x ‘Logicloop’ Scout M-I
  • 45 x ‘Tigris’ Sentinel A-I
  • 45 x ‘Rattati’ Assault G/1 Series
  • 45 x ‘Wolfman’ Assault A/1 Series
  • 45 x ‘Nullarbor’ Myron Dropship
  • 45 x ‘Greyscale’ Saga Light Assault Vehicle
  • 45 x ‘Remnant IX’ Logistics mk.0
  • 45 x ‘Flying Scotsman’ Assault ck.0* [Exclusive]
  • 1x 3-Day Active Skill Point Booster

You can go to the PlayStation Store now and download the The W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ pack.