Browser Game Forge of Empires Rocks Out With a Fifties Modern Era Update

Online game Forge of Empires has updated its content to include the Modern Era. In this browser builder, you’ll now be able to relive the fifties age of Americana.

During this period, entertainment of citizens is a key focus. Therefore, new buildings will include constructing diners, Ferris wheels and other structures representing the times of rock ‘n’ roll and a feeling of relaxation after a devastating war.

Still, there’s going to be conflicts in this era of Forge of Empires as well. Its campaign will spread over 11 provinces in the new Far East continent.

In a video diary, the developer explains some of the new units available. Paratroopers can make use of rapid deployment to quickly strike opposing areas. Moreover, they’ll receive defense bonuses in bushes and will always act first in combat.

Fights are done in hex tile grids on separate playing fields. They follow a turn-based model, quite like King’s Bounty that announced an expansion today as well.

Goods can be produced in novel ways, as older era products can be processed into newer ones, facilitating the growing industrialization. Furthermore, a new technology tree will add things like commercial airlines, Hollywood’s influence and tanks.

Almost 100 new quests are thrown into the Modern Era addition, making it one of the larger stories.

At the end of the developer diary, Forge of Empires teases an upcoming update that will feature a Postmodern Era for the browser game.