Broken Age Review Embargo Removed After Large Scale Criticism

Broken Age Part 1 is out for the backers on Kickstarter as well as the press members who got the review codes. Yet, Double Fine Studios had wanted to keep a hold on Broken Age reviews for as long as the next couple of weeks by putting an embargo on any formal reviews.

Owing to a large scale rip up by the media, the embargo has been lifted. A new post on the Kickstarter page of the game rescinded the Broken Age review embargo citing that the building level of excitement in public was the reason behind it:

“Hey all, I just wanted to write and let you know that we have decided to go ahead and lift the embargo on Broken Age reviews. The decision to set this originally was not made with any sort of malicious or controlling intent, but rather to keep spoilers to a minimum and give press time to enjoy the game, reflect on it, and write a review without feeling rushed to get it out first. However, it’s clear the excitement will be difficult to contain.”

The post reads on to say that you can now run the reviews and the let’s play videos but urges the reviewers to be cautious about the spoilers, especially the ending.

Previously the developer had announced that they were requiring all formal reviews to be held until January 27 at 10am PST. This would have been just a day before the public release day of the game.

Have you stumbled upon a Broken Age review yet?