SegmentNext Awards: Best Racing Game of 2013

Except for a few racing enthusiasts, racing genre doesn’t appeal as much of people.

Primarily, because it lacks a strong narrative and characters with whom you can built an emotional attachment with. Nonetheless, racing games of 2013 managed to provide one of the most driving and indulging racing experience ever.

Before we announce the winner, a quick look at the nominees below:

  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Grid 2
  • Need for Speed: Rivals
  • F1 2013
  • Gran Turismo 6

The winner is Forza Motorsport 5.

Since the game is a real time simulation, it can be a bit unwelcoming to new players. However, there are a ton of tutorials and assists that provide great help.

As for more veteran players can turn off these assists and reap more rewards and cash. The cash can then be spent to buy from a large arsenal of cars. Thus, the game urges you to take on more difficult challenges so as to earn big bucks.

Forza 5 features the Drivatar AI which will put you against opponents who will somewhat behave like an actual human. They will not only crash into you, try to block in your path, or get advantage of your mistakes but also fight amongst each other.

As a result of this, the racing becomes more engaging and unpredictable. And it’s not like they aim at perfection. I mean, you’ll even see them their car flipped or outside the track. Anyway, the difficulty of Drivatar AI can be set according to your skill. But again, you will receive more rewards for playing at higher difficulty settings.

Forza 5 is forgiving if you don’t manage to score the top position in a race. Unlike other racing games out there, you get rewarded for you well-spent time. It doesn’t matter; whether you come in the first place or 8th, you will definitely receive some cash and XP.

The game also features a decent multiplayer; in case, you get tired of playing against Drivatar AIs. The multiplayer experience – no doubt is fun – is certainly more brutal and unforgiving than the singleplayer campaign.

The multiplayer interface is sleek and elegantly designed, which features different customizable options. If you wish to put your in-game driving skills to an ultimate test, then Forza 5 is worth your time and money. Turn 10 has done a brilliant job again.

Runner-Up: Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals is the twelfth installment in Need for Speed franchise, which is a joint venture of Ghost Games and Criterion Games. The game features open-world racing and is somewhat like its predecessor Hot Pursuit.

In Need for Speed: Rivals, player gets to choose the role of either a cop or a racer; each with its own set of attributes and upgrades.

Rivals also features a novel feature called AllDrive which according to Criterion, has removed the barrier between singleplayer and multiplayer as the game can be played in co-op mode with other racers.

The game has taken up a few elements like customization from its predecessors, and many favorite cars like Ferrari has returned to the franchise.