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Rev3Games Teasing Alan Wake 2? Maybe Not

When Rev3Games first tweeted an interesting image, it seemed to many that they were talking about an Alan Wake 2 announcement. What could have been exciting news now appears to be nothing more than an advertisement of a stream of the original game that goes up today.

Couple of hours ago, the news reporters at Rev3Games took to twitter with an image and a sentence: “It’s not a lake it’s an ocean.” The image had a date and time on it and the sentence is of course from the survival horror Alan Wake; looks pretty much like a tease for an Alan Wake 2 announcement right?

Well, if you had gone through the previous tweets on their profile, you would have known better. The tease was merely for a stream of the original Alan Wake game which is bound to go live today at 4PM PST.

This is so because the same profile had tweeted couple of days ago saying that they will be back with the stream on Tuesday, January 14.

Oh the irony.

Not cool for Rev3Games though, they nearly gave hope to thousands of fans out there who have been waiting anxiously for Alan Wake 2. Also, who wants to tease like that for a thing as mundane as a mere stream?