PC Shooter Drunken Robot Pornography Adds Battle Royale Challenge To Early Access

Indie game Drunken Robot Pornography will feature Drunken Robot Battle Royale on a weekly basis. We’re sure that caught some attention already, but there’s probably some explanation needed for context.

This quirky PC title is from the hand of Dejobaan Games, known for their rather eccentric means to promote games. One of their titles is called Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby and another is simply called AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!. We had to copy and paste that one.

Marketing for Drunken Robot Pornography won’t be any different than previous ventures, as their new battle mode comes with a hyper trailer. Watch it and channel the spirit of 80s advertisements, Smash TV and weird infomercials.

If you actually need to know what the game does, it’s a first-person shooter that employs frenetic bullet hell systems. It’s a simple matter of David versus Goliath; one person versus a flailing robot colossus that twirls around and shoots tons of lasers and projectiles.

Drunken Robot Battle Royale will take place every Friday at 3PM EST. This event start a challenge that urges competition, by letting players get ranked on a leaderboard, until the next week.

Furthermore, team members Ichiro Lambe and Rohit Shenoy will support each challenge with a weekly stream on Twitch. This will happen on Friday 4PM EST and will also include developer commentary on what the team will add next.

Those who want more than just blasting the same bosses time and again can create their own arenas and upload them to the Steam Workshop. That should give you ample content to go through.

Drunken Robot Pornography currently costs $9.99 for an Early Access copy.