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Namco Bandai Teases Return of Wonder Momo – Missed Her?

A teaser site launched today by Namco Bandai teases the return of Wonder Momo, the arcade beat ’em up released by the same company back in 1987.

Momo, the female protagonist who by chance gets super powers, is able to unleash powerful kicks that spells pain for bad-guys and also helps in building up her “Wonder” meter.

When touching a cyclone icon in the game, she can then become Wonder Momo, where she can then attack using the Wonder Hoop. A thrown Wonder Hoop acts more like a boomerang, dishing out damage both ways until finally coming back to the player for another throw.

She also has the power to shoot small energy waves, with a more powerful version called the Wonder Typhoon where she shoots numerous amounts of waves in all directions simultaneously.

Back then a female protagonist was rare and the developers risked it by adding a small fan service as well. Momo’s panties are visible when she jumps and she also has to keep a watchful eye out for a photographer who is determined to get a peek under her mini-skirt. If caught, she will be stunned out of embarrassment for a short time.

Wonder Momo was released exclusively in Japan. It first arrived on arcades in 1987, after which a PC port was made on April 21, 1989. This port was then added to the Wii Virtual Console on February 27, 2007.

Source: WonderMomo