Job Listings Suggest Call of Duty 2014 is Being Made by Sledgehammer

We are not saying we didn’t expect this, but against everything else that we have been hearing recently; it looks like Sledgehammer Games is going to develop the Call of Duty 2014. Or this is what their LinkedIn Profile is suggesting at least.

So here’s how the story goes, a total of five job listings were posted by the company’s official LinkedIn Profile and each one of them mentions Call of Duty. While the rest of the only state that they are currently hiring for their Call of Duty development team, two of the openings really got us going.

A temporary job opening for a Multiplayer Designer reads:

“Sledgehammer Games is looking for a talented Multiplayer Level Designer to create cutting edge level designs for our Call of Duty project.”

More importantly, a job for Weapons & Vehicle Artist gives away a little more:

“The Sledgehammer character team is looking for a top notch hard surfaces modeler to join our AAA family working on a next-gen Call of Duty game.”

Well, if this is to be taken for granted, I think the yearly development circle for Call of Duty just got a third studio added. Previously COD games were being developed by Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

Sledgehammer Games have previously worked on Modern Warfare 3 while helping Infinity Ward in 2009. If they are developing the next Call of Duty title, it will be interesting to see whether they team up with another studio or not.

We recently reported that High Moon Studios were suspected to be on board for the Call of Duty 2014, could it be that the two studios are working in collaboration? on the other hand, we know that High Moon Studios was there in the credits of COD Ghosts too (for a smaller part) so it could be that they were merely planning to play a part similar to the one they did in Ghosts.

How do you feel about Sledgehammer Games on the helm of Call of Duty 2014 development?