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Jeff Brown Says Farewell to EA to Join GoPro

Apparently, negativity is taking its toll over Electronic Arts. Yesterday we reported that EA might be running to be crowned as the worst company of US for the third time in a row, now we are getting news that another EA official has quit.

Jeff Brown, a vice president at EA and their communications head has been famous for his sarcastic comments. His funny take on matters has pulled him and the company through troubled times including the double “wins” of Worst Company of America award, the SimCity launch and sex scenes of Mass Effect and the media’s lash out on them.

It has now been confirmed that Brown has joined GoPro, the camera manufacturers as their communications chief. An example of his frying hot comments regarding competitors would be the way he responded to Sega’s former spokesman Charles Bellfield who said “Watch out, EA.”

“This is like Volkswagen announcing that they’re shutting down for 18 months to start producing BMWs. Don’t assume those Beetles are going to turn out to be BMWs the minute they roll off the line. Developing for PS2 is no small task,” he had remarked.

At the end of his 14 year old tenure at EA, I think the troubled times of the publisher are not drying out easy. Brown would be the sixth executive at EA who has quit in the recent times.

Criterion Founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left the company couple of days ago; then there is Dave Roberts, CEO of PopCap who is bound to retire; lastly there are Chillingo founders Chris Byatte and Joe Wee.

That is three studio heads who have quit, communications head lost and a heap of negative publicity that keeps making its way to Electronic Arts every now and then. Do you think that these loses will affect the mighty publisher in anyway?

Source: VentureBeat via GameInformer