Sony’s Hiroshi Kawano is Keen on Expansion in Asia, Teases Unannounced Titles

Last year, December saw the first time when the Asian community was allowed to vote for their favorites in the PlayStation Awards 2013, showing the positively changing attitude of Sony towards the unexplored market. SCE Japan and Asia President, Hiroshi Kawano has now disclosed his intentions of going more mainstream in the Asian market.

He was talking to Famitsu Magazine when along with teasing “various” undisclosed titles, he expressed his confidence in PS4 and how it could lead to a greater level of expansion in Asia.

“The potential of the Asian market is obviously large, and there’s a promising market there for the future. We’re always looking at Asia and we will continue to seek growth there, where resource management is crucial. Even when you talk to game developers, now they can release simultaneously in Japan and Asia.”

He insisted that since getting “Japan and Asia” added to the market sections, Sony is now open to marketing, presenting and developing itself in the region. He hinted towards a more aggressive approach in the running year.

While talking about the upcoming games he said that he couldn’t disclose them right now but the company had various games incoming and that they “plan to release new games at a regular pace.”

One example that he gave was of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. From the way he was talking about the games, it seems like he was referring to the games that are being self published by Sony.

Whatever the case may be – I’m excited, are you?