Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness Releases This Month

Guild Wars 2’s living world storyline finally concludes with the upcoming release of Origins of Madness, ArenaNet announced today.

According to the developer, the new event will pit players against the arch-villain Scarlet Briar and her minions. That though is not the only threat players should be wary of. There’s a new weapon of mass destruction called the Twisted Marionette that can only be stopped by a “concerted effort” on the part of players.

A teaser video released also reveals an “ancient” Great Jungle Wurm that Briar’s minions have dug up in Bloodtide Coast that takes the shape of a huge multi-headed creature.

The living world storyline is a narrative arc that started earlier last year. Over time, multiple events were hosted that brought along new quests and rewards. It has been a great journey so far, and we trust ArenaNet to pack things up with a great finale.

Origins of Madness will release on January 21, 2014.

It’s unclear as to whether the studio plans to hold an entirely new living world storyline once this one is concluded. It’s possible that the team has been working on an expansion pack, once that will add a horde of new content and give ArenaNet the chance to connect additional storylines.