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The Future of PS Vita; No Disc Based Digital Only Handheld Device

How do you like that preposition? What if the future of PlayStation Vita could take us back to PlayStation Portable Go i.e. a device that was digital only and didn’t come with a disc based functionality?

Understandably, some of you might not like it, but it looks like that is what Sony is aiming for in the future.

In a recent interview with VG247 PlayStation UK’s Managing Director Fergal Gara has termed the handheld as the “iPod of handheld gaming” while discussing that the PS Vita sees a higher percentage of digital downloads than a PS3.

He did agree that the number of physical game cards being sold for PS Vita are larger than the digital downloads but insisted that “things are increasingly moving the other way” and that “could be that in the future physical games becomes the side we do without.”

One reasoning that comes into mind for this is that a lot more of independent developers are making PS Vita games, many of them lack the infrastructure needed for a full scale retail release. Ofcourse that comes in addition to the general trend towards a digitized lifestyle.

Whether they decide upon it or not, there is one thing certain: PS Vita is and will only be used by a niche; the serious gamers. Generally a non gamer will not buy a PS Vita as they are already spending their money on smartphones and tablets that can give them the kind of gaming experience that will satisfy their on-the-go-gaming needs.

Do you think remodeling the PS Vita to a digital only handheld gaming device could make a difference in its market share? Will it be good or worse?