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Former World of Warcraft Designer Greg Street Joins Riot Games

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, a former lead systems designer for World of Warcraft has now officially joined Riot Games.

His updated LinkedIn profile mentions him to be signed up in the company as a lead game designer but doesn’t quite mentions League of Legends itself. It’s possible that Riot has him working on a new project but it’s highly unlikely that the company would be working right now on a new IP.

I say purely out of speculation and we haven’t really heard of any rumors hinting towards the company’s plans for a new game.

Street previously worked in Blizzard for five straight years and quit in November last year. Greg Street was the most prominent public-facing figures on the World of Warcraft development team and him joining Riot Games is only great news for the team as a whole.

As lead systems designer, he and his team were responsible for building and changing the fundamentals of the way World of Warcraft plays, including classes, game mechanics, items, trade skills and user interface.

Street has also worked as a designer on many Age of Empires titles, including Age of Empires 3 where he was the lead designer.

Source: LinkedIn