Finding Teddy 2 Announcement Changes The Game Into An Action Adventure

Look forward to more indie games this year, as Finding Teddy 2 has been announced today. Developer Storybird will once more team up with publisher LookAtMyGame to launch this title in fall of 2014.

As the number indicates, this is the sequel to the first Finding Teddy, which was recently approved through Steam Greenlight and subsequently found its way onto Steam. In its original release, the game features a side-scrolling adventure with plenty of tricky puzzles to solve.

Its story follows a character, whose teddy bear gets nabbed by a scary spider and taken to a magical realm. They follow the monster to retrieve their bear. On their way, they’ll stumble into many perilous situations that may end their life.

Finding Teddy uses simple pixel visuals, with a limited color palette that still differentiates many areas in its environment. Its style is reminiscent of indie hit Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP.

For Finding Teddy 2, visuals will stay the course, but the goal of the game has changed. Dropping its often tough puzzles, this iteration will become an action adventure.

A short announcement teaser shows us what that would look like. There seem to be plenty of enemies bearing arms to block your path.

We already know that you’ll carry some sort of weapon and be able to perform double jumps, as seen at the end of the clip. It has a slight Mega Man vibe, though we were gunning for Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Finding Teddy 2 will be available for PC and mobile devices.