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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Reaches Kickstarter for Crowdfunding

Were you looking to get more from the folks that were behind Everquest? Or did you simply want another new MMO to play? Either way, you have your wish granted. Brad McQuaid, the man behind Everquest is working on a new MMO and has decided to Kickstart the project that is named Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

There already was word that the game was in development but the news of crowdfunding is new. Also, there are details on the Kickstarter page that shed light on the project.

To start off, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is being called an “epic planar high fantasy MMO” with, naturally, many of the typical massively multiplayer online role-playing features that we expect from them.

The back story goes:

“In a time long past and forgotten, many worlds became one. When there was nothing but darkness an astral storm ignited, ripping the walls between a thousand realities” and “the many shards of many worlds came to unite and formed the world called Terminus.”

As far the game itself and its features go, you would notice that the name of the game is pretty much generic. Yet that is not where it all ends, the Kickstarter page gives us a long list of features that are pretty much vague and generic to a typical MMORPG.

One thing that still makes me want to go back to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen and make sure it is progressing well is that it s being developed by Brad McQuaid.