Early Access 4X Game Horizon Launches On Steam In February

Early Access games are slowly but surely crossing over to the big leagues, as Horizon announces that it will leave the platform to fully launch in February. This news comes after a similar message for multiplayer shooter Insurgency, who’ll  launch on Steam this month.

Unlike many strategy games in its 4X genre, Horizon has more focus on the people within its universe. Players in this PC title embark on galactic exploration, to find a total of 10 alien races joining their midst.

In its regular mode, this pattern follows a certain overarching storyline, though it has multiple missions within that can be completed at a whim. These random events are a nice divertissement from otherwise simply managing a colony.

Moreover, the game has many diplomatic options.

Civilizations can form alliances, undergo trade agreements necessary to acquire funds or talk out many different matters at hand. Being able to sway people without force is stronger here than many fleets are.

Still, there is a sizable combat element present as well, stretching across huge space maps. Ships can be fully customized with different equipment types and require additional support to sustain the cost of war.

To advance, Horizon makes use of an intricately connected research panel, where focus on one matter drives away progress from another. It’s even possible to pinpoint an exact requirement to fully opt on one particular segment of research, at the cost of even more efficiency elsewhere.

It’s a perfect fit for those who enjoyed Master of Orion and similarly built games.

Currently, the Early Access build for Horizon costs $24.99 on Steam. A retail release is planned for the game as well.