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DayZ Standalone Sells 1 Million in 4 Weeks, Death of PC Gaming? Nah!

Great news for the PC community; here’s a big shut up call for all those who believe the death of PC gaming is upon us. DayZ Standalone version has sold one million copies in the first four weeks alone.

The news was announced by Dean Hall aka Rocket who tweeted with a cheesy “so much for the death of PC gaming” while boasting that the DayZ Standalone early access had sold a million copies in the first month.

This is not the first milestone that developer Bohemia Interactive will be enjoying; a week ago it was reported that the game’s early access had funneled in as much as $12 million. Also, 150,000 copies of the game were sold in the first 24 hours.

In an official statement given to Polygon, Hall had expressed his feelings about the reception of the game:

“We obviously knew that there was strong interest in the concept, but weren’t sure whether that interest was just ‘hype’ or whether it would actually translate into real sales. I remember when we finally pushed the button, I had this moment of panic when I wondered if many people would really buy it.”

Previously, Dean Hall had also expressed his surprise at the huge numbers stating that they would have been contented if DayZ Standalone had managed to pull off 250,000 units in the first quarter – well, they’ll be blown away with joy after the 1 million mark I’m sure.

How glad are you about the success of DayZ Standalone?