SegmentNext Awards: Best Playstation 3 Game of 2013

When we talk about some of the greatest games of this year, Playstation 3 can’t be ignored.

Just like Xbox 360, Sony brought in some of the greatest games of this generation in 2013. Although there were some utter disappointments like Gran Turismo 6 and God of War: Ascension but then we had titles like Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us.

The year has passed, and the votes have been casted. However, before heading to ‘Best Playstation 3 Game of 2013’ let us have a look at the nominees:

  • The Last of Us
  • GTA 5
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Ni no Kuni
  • God of War: Ascension

And the winner is The Last of Us.

This exclusive title for Sony Playstation 3 developed by Naughty Dog is set in a post-apocalyptic era. One may refer to a number of games set in a similar scenario but believe me; TLoU has its own appeal.

The setting of the game is intensely exhausting, dark, and unforgiving. You’ll have two options at your hand; either be the fittest of all or get crushed. The choices you make have consequences and over the time, you develop sort of a relationship with other characters.

You primarily control the character of Joel; a tough survivor roaming around the United States for food, wearable, and refuge. And the process is as arduous as it could get.

Joel is partnered with a 14-years old girl named Ellie whose developing relationship with Joel is one of the best parts of the game. She’ll tell you jokes or even get angry at you for pesky little things; something you could expect of a 14-years old.

Visually, TLoU can be considered as one of the best-looking games of this generation, and it certainly has pushed Playstation to its limits.

The face animations, facial expressions, and the surroundings make it a more memorable experience. Whether you roam the lush green fields, dense and dark forests, or derelict villages; each location provides you with a distinctive aura.

The glorious visuals are perfectly complemented by an amazing sound art. It’s not only about the conversations and background score as the sound you make can alert the infected which doesn’t end up good.

On the other hand, Joel is capable of using his hearing as a way of predicting about enemies’ location. The emotions, astonishment, and even the sound of your beating heart during a high-speed chase make you feel like you’re really into the game.

The game also features a competitive multiplayer mode which complements the single-player campaign.

Unlike the traditional third-person shooter multiplayer games, TLoU features only two game modes: Survivors and Raid. However, since you deal with humans in online mode, it is much more unforgiving if you happen to make a mistake.

If you still own a Playstation 3 and haven’t played TLoU, then you should definitely consider getting it. Hell, I would even buy a new PS3 system to play this it. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out!

Runner-Up: Ni No Kuni; a RPG developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli is undoubtedly a treat for classic JRPG fans.

Ni no Kuni features an amalgam of a strong narration, intriguing plot, and an engaging battle system. The combat system features some striking similarities with Pokémon and long-term fans will notice it immediately.

As for visuals of the game, it is definitely an eye-candy. I mean if you don’t consider likes of Witcher or Dragon Age as a scale to judge. You should definitely consider picking this up if you haven’t gotten the chance yet.