Pro Gamer Eric Hewitt Hired by 343 Industries

Halo series developer 343 Industries has hired pro gamer Eric Hewitt as a part of the team.

Eric Hewitt has been a long-time supporter of the Halo series, the flagship franchise of the Xbox consoles. Known well by his in-game name ‘GH057ayame’, Hewitt was a long-term player for Team Carbon. He has also aided in creating the official competitive playlist for Halo 4.

The news went official when he posted a picture of his boarding pass to Seattle, which is the location where the 343 Industries is based. In addition, he also updated his profile to list 343 Industries’ name.

In his interview on the Team Beyond website, Hewitt stated:

“I personally aim to focus on bringing a sense of competitive experience and knowledge to the Halo franchise. We, as a community, were blessed with some of the best competitive titles in gaming history. And even though we had a phenomenal social community as well, my expertise is definitely located in the competitive side of the community. Thus, I would love to continue that tradition that Halo has already laid out in front of us!”

So, it seems Hewitt will probably be focusing on the competitive multiplayer for future Halo games, though he isn’t quite sure of his official position. However, Hewitt is quite confident he will be working in the Design Team section.

“Even though everyone works as one giant team, it’s important to delegate tasks and roles for parts within the company. Thus, I will be working with the Design Team for my position.”

343 Industries has already confirmed that the next Halo installment is being developed for the Xbox One, and will be released this year. However, they are not giving official date or release window as of yet.