A New Obsidian Game Announcement is a Possibility at GDC 2014

We have picked up word that something else is brewing at the California based developer. Surprisingly, the news has come out from a totally unexpected place; the Bradley University website. A post about Katrina Schnell, an employee of Obsidian and former student at the university suggests that she is working on a new Obsidian game.

A dedicated follower of Obsidian picked up the post detailing Schnell’s profile and posted it to the official forums. It states:

“This isn’t the only game Katrina is working on through Obsidian … that game is still a secret and will be announced at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in 2014!”

Before you go speculating titles, let us tell you that this one might and might not be different from the ones we already know of. The list of games that we know already includes the South Park title, Pillars of Eternity, Skyforge MMO (co-developing), a next gen project on Cryengine and their second Kickstarter project.

Now back in December, while talking about their second Kickstarter title, studio boss Feargus Urquhart had discussed that they wish to reveal somewhere around March or April 2014. For those of you who do not know, the GDC 2014 is supposed to be held around the same time. So it could be the same game.

What could be the new Obsidian game that is being talked about, any clues?