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Microsoft’s Blog and Twitter Hacked by “Syrian Electronics Army”

Just after ten days when “Syrian Electronic Army” hijacked Microsoft’s Skype social media resources, three Microsoft-owned Twitter accounts were hacked earlier today by SEA as a part of a larger campaign targeted towards the corporation.

Within an hour, the tweets were removed. The first tweet was a re-tweet from @Official_SEA16 during the last attack: “Don’t use Microsoft emails (Hotmail, outlook), they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments.” The next tweet was the same message coming direct from @MSFTNews and the one after that was a shot at Internet Explorer, followed up by “Syrian Electronic Army was here”.

The SEA has posted a screenshot on their official twitter account to show that the group had access to Xbox Support account.

A Microsoft Spokesperson said in an interview:

“We are aware of the attacks against the Xbox Support and Microsoft News Twitter accounts and we can confirm that no customer information was compromised.”

The Syrian Electronic Army in an interview with Mashable said:

“Microsoft is monitoring emails accounts and selling the data for the American intelligence and other governments. And we will publish more details and documents that prove it. Microsoft is not our enemy but what they are doing affected the SEA.”

The SEA group went further on to taunt Microsoft, by tweeting a supposed photo of an internal company email discussing recent hacks. The image might be a fake one. However, the alleged email is shown below with the names of Microsoft employees redacted.

SEA email

In the case of the Skype hijack, multiple resources were captured: a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. We were unable to find any other SEA hijacks besides @MSFTNews.

It begs to be asked, but why do this in the first place? What is the group trying to accomplish? Is this a show of power or just a group of people fooling around? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.