Herokon Online Adds Thorwal Region And New Blade of Destiny Campaign

An update for the massively multiplayer online (MMO) title Herokon Online has added the region of Thorwal for its fans and other users.  You need to be at least level 25 to be able to enter the new content.

To help you with your new goals, a new map system has been put into place that allows for travels across the world. Also, since the level requirement is rather steep on this update, the cap for maxed out players has been raised from 40 to 45.

With the addition, a new line for the Blade of Destiny campaign is set, which offers more quests and so on. You’ll get to once more meet old friends during your voyage.

Moreover, the region holds six new monsters, as well as its own set of characters and allies. For gear, you can count on region-specific equipment only found in Thorwal, like special weapons.

This roleplaying game (RPG) is placed in the franchise of The Dark Eye, which is a popular set of lore in Europe. Consider it akin to what Dungeons & Dragons combined with The Elder Scrolls might be, but with distinct brownish flair.

Its universe is set in Aventuria, though it may also be known as Arkania. Thorwal is a Viking-like settlement, set on the northwestern coast of the realm.

The city is divided in several sectors. Its core is its fortress that marks the capital. Outside of it, you’ll find the foreign quarter in the west and the native quarter in the east.

You only need a browser to run Herokon Online, and it’s free-to-play.