Free-to-Play Browser MMO Arcane Chronicles Starts Closed Beta This Week

Online portal Nexon Europe has announced that their upcoming massively multiplayer online (MMO) title Arcane Chronicles will enter a Closed Beta session on January 16, 2014. That’s this Thursday, in case you’re wondering.

Those who register an account for the free-to-play browser game now will get a chance at receiving a code when the Beta starts. Furthermore, Nexon will hold events to welcome players with special items and rewards. These trinkets will include pets, titles and in-game currency called Arcanites.

With the money in hand, you’ll be able to recruit your own team of mercenaries to aid you in your quest. It’s also used for crafting purposes or enchanting items.

One of the other elements you need currency for is to summon bosses. Arcane Chronicles allows you to go on Boss Raids, which gives you a chance at some rare loot.

Other gameplay systems present in the MMO are Caravan Escort and Guild Castle Siege. In the former, you make sure a vehicle filled with goods attains its destination by slaying monsters on its path.

For the siege chapter, you’ll take on an entire settlement, with bridged gates, walls and all.

If you like hurting other players, however, you’ll be able to do so in the Duel mode.

Arcane Chronicles holds over 300 different enemy types in a range of 30 environments. These lands hold 10 dungeons in total.

You have your choice of three sorts of characters, each with their own skill tree. A Warrior is your standard tank brawler, while a Mage does damage from afar with spells. For a combination of the two, you can use a Shaman.

If you’re particularly lazy, Arcane Chronicles has ways for characters to move and hunt automatically. That way, the game plays on when you don’t.