The Evil Within Concept Art Leaked by Artist – It’s No Less Than Impressive

Upcoming survival horror, The Evil Within is bound to take you on a trip to the world of death sometime later this year. Yet, a certain artist believes that you should be told what is in store for you before it is time. The Evil Within concept art was leaked by a freelance artist at CGHub, again.

The artist named Lu Cheng has done so before too. Back in September last year, the same guy had leaked half a dozen images depicting the concept art of the game. Now he has gone even bolder and revealed a total of 18 images from the game.

As with the previous batch of images, some on the images from new The Evil Within concept art are spoiler heavy so we would suggest you don’t check out the gallery below if you want to keep the surprises as surprises – otherwise it is all there to be viewed.

The Evil Within is being developed by a Japanese studio named Tango Gameworks of Shinji Mikami. Bethesda is publishing the game.

For those who do not know; The Evil Within puts you in the shoes of detective Sebastian Castellanos who after visiting a crime scene is taken to a land of monsters. He has to fight his way through while trying to keep is best friend alive as he begins to lose his sanity.

Check out The Evil Within concept art below.