EA Gets Serious About SimCity Modding Rules

It’s time Maxis decided they needed to lay down firm rules and regulations regarding SimCity modding. The official website of the game has detailed the rules and rights in a post; the primary focus being that content cannot be sold or used to affect the simulation for multiplayer game and multiplayer features.

Along with that users will not be allowed to modify the executable files. All this is being set in place to ensure the “safety and integrity” of the game, though EA insists that they want to ensure modder rights are not taken away.

On the other hand the post states that EA wants the players to continue creating, redistributing and consuming mods of the game – of course keeping in line with the guidelines. Keep in mind when using the term “mods” they mean anything from add-ons, new content, modified UI, or updates that use content from SimCity such as code, art, footage or other elements.

As far as the rights and duties of Electronic Arts is concerned in taking the steps they are, the post reads:

“EA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke permission to use, distribute or make mods at any time, to disable any mod within SimCity and to take disciplinary action against players who harm the experience of others.”

How do you think these SimCity modding rules will affect the game?