Could EA Become America’s Worst Company for the Third Time?

Did you hate EA for continuing to use the online passes or making SimCity an always online game? Even if you did, do you think they deserve to be crowned as the worst company of United Stated for the third time in a row? Well, they might just get the Golden Poo Trophy again this year.

EA is the only company to have won the award twice to date. With the troubled state of Battlefield 4 and online-only status of SimCIty, the company looks to be running for it for a third time in a row.

According to the Consumerist website, they might jut have named the Golden Poo Trophy again:

We haven’t even begun to ask for nominations from readers for the next Worst Company In America tournament, but some are already making the case for once again giving the Golden Poo trophy to reigning two-time WCIA winner Electronic Arts.

Yet, EA and their staff are confident of the level of adamancy.

Only a couple of months ago producer Patrick Soderlund stated that he didn’t believe “even for a second” that EA was the worst company. Though he said that being labeled as such does mean that the company officials need to sit down and discuss what is wrong.

Let us know if you believe they deserve it. Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out who actually gets crowned as the Worst Company of US, you might keep track of it around April.