Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Goku Edition Exclusive To GAME In UK

Publisher Namco Bandai Games announced that the Goku Edition for Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z will exclusively be up for preorder at UK retail store GAME. No such luck if you wanted to grab your copy elsewhere. It’s currently listed for a price of £79.99.

With the previously announced collector’s edition of the game, you’ll receive a set of incentives, with the biggest one being a 25cm Goku figurine. He strikes a stance in his golden-haired Super Saiyan form.

Crossing over content from its other anime fighting games, Namco Bandai also loads this collector’s item with downloadable content (DLC) for a Naruto Sage costume. This DLC is only available for the Goku character in the game, though it’s also included for anyone who picks up a Day 1 copy.

Finally, you’ll also receive an art book that features content from the development team.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z, you take on a myriad of bad guys and punch them repeatedly. Four players can take on four more. Moreover, the game will feature giant bosses to pummel.

To boost characters, it’s possible to equip them with items before taking on fights.

If you’re looking to play right now, there is a short demo available for Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z. It contains four missions, as well as online functionality.

You can still look around other European retailers for the Goku Edition of Dragon Ball Z: Battle for Z, but it looks like stocks are depleting quickly. Most stores have it listed for €99.99.