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Another Tekken Movie is Coming, First Details Revealed

If you have wiped clean the apologetic impression that the last Tekken movie had upon most of us, you might be ready to face another one. Yes, a Tekken movie prequel has been confirmed. Don’t feel too down, this time it could actually be a good one.

According to Cinema Today (picked up by Kotaku) actor Kane Kosugi of Godzilla: Final Wars and Dead or Alive has announced that he has taken up a role in an upcoming Tekken movie. The movie, dubbed Tekken: A Man Called X is being made by Hollywood instead of the Japanese though.

Another key name that has been reported include Prachya Pinkaew the director of Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior and The Protector. So that’s the ray of hope we would be clinging on to.

What I don’t want the movie to do is be like the one that came before it; the movie sucked so much that the lead developer of the game Katsuhiro Harada actually came up to say so on his Twitter.

Other than this, Kosugi, who would probably be the lead is the son of a Japanese martial artist Sho Kosugi – so we can expect some of his martial arts skills at work in the movie.

Are you excited (or not)?