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League of Legends Gets Email Verification System

Even though League of Legends is one of the most played online titles in the world right now, in terms of security the game falls quite short. With the start of the new year, Riot Games has taken the first step in fixing that by introducing email verifications for “any and all” changes done to your League of Legends account.

For any changes done to your account, an email will sent to you asking for verification. This new feature has to be activated and should be done as soon as possible. To do so simply head to, log in, click your summoner name and follow the prompts to establish a verified email account.

“Baddies won’t be able to change a single credential on your account without also having access to your verified email account,” the announcement read. “This is just a first step — we’re looking into many more security features to keep your account details safe like SMS protection and more, so stay tuned.”

Additionally as an incentive, registering an email account will net you a 4-win IP boost.

Source: LeagueofLegends