Fable Anniversary has Gone Gold, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Lionhead Studios has announced Fable Anniversary to have finally gone gold, which means that development for the title has finally finished and is now being sent to retailers.

According to Lionhead, “physical copies of the game are being created as we speak and will be winging their way to retailers shortly.”

The developer also detailed some of the game’s pre-order bonuses that will be available exclusively for the title from various retailers. Lionhead though did not mention which retailers would be participating in this.

The Peiratēs pack will give players access to a pirate outfit and sword; while the Apollo pack will net players Apollo’s outfit and a crossbow. Finally the Snowspire pack will offer players a Snowspire guard outfit and the Jackarse fish weapon.

It’s good to see Lionhead confirming that all of this content will be available later post-release in the form of paid DLC. Developers usually don’t mention that so as not to have players wondering whether they should pre-order the game or get a copy later on. Pricing of the content was not mentioned in the announcement.

Fable Anniversary will officially release on February 4 for the Xbox 360. Currently there has been no mention of the game making it to the Xbox One. From the looks of it Lionhead probably has no intention of it either.