Planetside 2 Future Updates and Subscription Changes Discussed by SOE

The year 2014 will see quite a few changes in the way Sony Online Entertainment treats Planetside 2.

The critically acclaimed MMOFPS has been pretty extensive in its development process which will now see smaller and more focused updates. This means that the title updates for the game will get more regular.

According to the creative director Matthew Higby, SOE has been reorganizing the way they develop Planetside 2. Benefits of that approach will be seen over the course of the next few months:

Over the last few weeks we have been reorganizing our internal build and development processes in order to allow us to expedite builds to live with the goal of updating the live game more often and more regularly.

Smaller and more regular updates mean that apart from a constantly evolving game, the bugs and other stability issues will be taken care of more appropriately.

With fewer moving parts that can break, the developer aims to decrease the number of bugs that get introduced with each update.

As far as the subscribed players are concerned, they were previously gifted 500SC per month which will be upped to allow users to purchase any single item up to 2000SC per month. This was explained recently by SOE chief executive John Smedley in a recent Reddit post.

We wanted to let players get some of the larger items on the marketplace. People complain the other way on this all the time – they complain that the 500SC isn’t enough for them to buy enough stuff. So we thought this would be a positive change.

I guess Planetside 2 will be a fun place to be in 2014, do you?