Keiji Inafune Says Mighty No 9 Campaign Proves Kickstarter Will Be Mainstream

Probably one of the most successful game projects on Kickstarter, Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No 9 deserves to be among projects like Broken Age.

The famed developer was interviewed by 4Gamer about his experience regarding Kickstarter.

As expected Inafune agreed Mighty No 9 being his most popular title in the west.

In his opinion though, the Japanese market reacts differently to his $4 million high success on the crowdfunding website. He says that “I think it’s that most people aren’t aware of [Kickstarter].”

He emphasized that many of the people in Japan either don’t know about Kickstarter or don’t exactly know how it works. While explaining the mindset of his people he gave an example of a person who insisted that even if Inafune had $2 million he wouldn’t be able to make a game.

In contrast to that Inafune claims that the people of United States were top of the list among the backers.

Surprisingly, he stated that “those in the Middle East are amazing” too.

While talking about how the crowdfunding of Mighty No 9 on Kickstarter had impacted him and others he claimed that it had made him come in the lime light.

Quite a few names have since contacted him with offers of making something together. Point being that Kickstarter is more than just another way to raise funds.

He insists that, “From this point on, Kickstarter will most likely become part of the main battlefield”. He says that his campaign has been a door opener and that he expects to become some sort of a reference in this regard.

Do you think that in the coming future, Kickstarter will get more mainstream than it already is?