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Google Updates Play Services With Turn-Based Multiplayer Support and More

Google Play for the Android operating system is getting a fresh update with Google Play Services 4.1, which brings with it new features that target multiplayer gaming and additional Google services such as Drive and Google+.

The Play Games app for the Android device, closely inter-linked with the Play Store, will now support turn-based multiplayer between up to eight people. This will allow developers to create asynchronous games for mobile that could utilize this option.

The Play Services will act as the hub during such games, registering the turns taken by a player in a multiplayer game, and sharing it with the remaining involved players.

In addition to the Play Games update, Google is also updating the cloud-based Drive services with Drive API. This will allow users to read, edit, and alter documents stored on the Drive cloud.

The feature will be available both online and offline, and will automatically update and synchronize the changes with the cloud storage whenever connectivity is established.

Google+ will also get a facelift, with upgrades that include auto-complete functionality, suggested recipients from Gmail contacts, device contacts, and Google+ users.

The purpose is to integrate all of Google’s services together in a seamless manner and to allow users to share with the right people.

Advertising methods are also getting revamped with additions to the Mobile Ads SDK, that will support DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps.

Support for location-based ads is also being emphasized, allowing developers to access API to provide locations to Google while requesting ads. Location services will also be improved by consuming less battery life than it currently does on Android devices.

Google Play Services 4.1 is expected to be available on all Android mobile devices within the next week.

Source: VentureBeat