Call of Duty Ghosts Diamond Division Coming to Clan Wars in February

February will be good to the best players of COD Clan Wars because a brand-new division will be introduced to the game.

Call of Duty Ghosts Diamond Division will be open only to the clans that have attained at least two first place wins in the Platinum Division and net you Diamond Points.

When Call of Duty Ghosts Diamond Division goes live, it will come with a separate leader board to track your performance and the Diamond Points that you earn through clan wars.

Diamond Division will be Friday to Sunday, with a four-hour window of playtime each day, for a total of 12 hours of playtime. Go to the end of the story to see a screenshot from the Call of Duty App for scheduling details.

According to the post Reddit to announce the new division, it reads:

This should make high-end clan wars play more strategic. We’re planning on letting clans opt into timezone-based periods so that people who work, have jobs and children, or go to school can play hard without sacrificing.

So far, that is all we have been told about Call of Duty Ghosts Diamond Division, expect more information in February.

Other than this, a new clan war starts in Call of Duty Ghosts by next week i.e. Wednesday, January 15 at 8PM GMT. Be ready for it!

call of duty ghosts diamond division