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Broken Age Part 1 Comes Out on January 14 for Kickstarter Backers

Tim Schafer, the creator of Broken Age is really excited about the coming week. As the Kickstarter backers for his ambitious point and click adventure, Broken Age Part 1 is due to come out on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, January 14.

Schafer tweeted from his official profile reminiscing how it has been 4.5 years since he released a game of his own while it has been 16 years since he released a game in the Adventure genre. Broken Age Part 1 will be making a difference for him in all that.

It might be disappointing for some of the gamers who want to get their hands on the game as soon as possible. Reason being that this early access release is only for the people who backed for the game during its Kickstarter campaign – perks of being a sport in the gaming community.

The rest of the people who have been looking forward to the game will have to hold their horses until Broken Age Part 1 is out as the public release date for the game is supposed to be announced on January 14.

I am not expecting Double Fine to add a long gap between the two – that would be a downer for quite a few of the fans – I have got my fingers crossed!